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The drone is also in the real phase, and the "black fly" drone jammer have been put in place to say no to black fly! The use of uav jammers is imperative.There are four types of areas that are strictly prohibited: the airport clearance area (10 km on either side of the center line of the airport runway, 20 kilometers of the runway at each end of the runway), and civil aviation routes, air routes, high-speed and ordinary rail, highway and water transportation areas. The second is government agencies, military authority, military facilities, water and electricity facilities, for the unit and other key parts of oil and gas; Third, airport station, port dock, scenic spots and other dense areas; Fourth, large-scale activities, important event sites, and the government's temporary public announcement banning flying areas.
British superintendent Gavin Thomas, recently claimed that convicted hackers should be wearing wifi jammer to replace prison time, making sure they can't connect to the Internet. Thomas says this is the right way to punish hackers, saving a lot of money each year. Currently, a British prison prisoner consumes an average of 38,000 pounds per year in government spending, while wireless network jammers are much cheaper. Some people say that the hackers who couldn't crack the wi-fi on the Internet are not good hackers, and some people say that you can use the Internet without WIFI, and, of course, people think it's a way to get in the way of human rights. But from the British police's point of view, the use of a WIFI jammer in lieu of a prison sentence has not only reduced the pressure on capital investment but also better disciplined hackers.

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The cell phone jammer is a double-edged sword, which also causes the interference of public communication.
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